How to transfer large files via Wi-Fi Direct

The capabilities of our smartphones are growing day by day, and with them the volume of internal memory is growing as well. We can store one or even several movies on our smartphone, but sharing them is a problem. Bluetooth is very slow for such files, which is why many manufacturers charge their devices with Wi-Fi Direct.

  • superbeam:

Some Android devices do not require the installation of additional applications to work with Wi-Fi Direct, but the SuperBeam application makes it much easier to work with the function.

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After installing the application, you need to select the files to be transferred, then the application will advise you to make sure that both devices are in the same Wi-Fi range.

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To connect the devices, it will only be necessary for one device to read the QR code displayed on the other screen. You can also enter the suggested IP address in the browser and download the files from there. This is especially handy if you want to transfer files to a computer.